NCC to remodel railway yard in Kolbäck for SEK 205 million

NCC to remodel railway yard in Kolbäck for SEK 205 million NCC has been commissioned by the Swedish Railway Administration to remodel the railway yard in Kolbäck for SEK 205 million. The assignment entails turnkey responsibility from the early inquiry stage up to deployment of the facility. This is the first time that the Swedish Railway Administration has offered for public tender an assignment that encompasses all aspects of a railway investment. The order received by NCC includes a pilot study, a railway inquiry, project engineering of the construction process and actual construction; in other words, turnkey responsibility right up to the deployment of the railway facility. On behalf of the Railway Administration, NCC will also arrange consultative meetings and other contacts among the parties involved in the project. Kolbäck is an old railway junction dating back to the mid-1870s. The railway yard was most recently rebuilt in the mid-1940s, an assignment that included the electrification of railway lines. Today, the railway yard requires renovation and modernization in order to improve safety, replace worn bridges, improve availability for passengers with physical impairments and enable the removal of the speed limits that currently apply to trains passing Kolbäck. NCC will initiate the pilot study in November. A railway plan will be made public around the end of 2004 and the earliest date for commencing construction will be during spring 2005. It is currently estimated that the entire project will be completed by June 2007. About 15 persons will be employed in the planning of the project and 20- 30 in the construction phase. "This is an extremely interesting assignment, which requires that we adopt a holistic approach. This will increase our scope to develop and implement efficient solutions," says Sören Backlund, Business Manager at NCC Construction Sweden. For further information, please contact: Sören Backlund, Business Manager NCC Construction Sweden Tel +46 21 10 55 85 or +4670 553 5775 Lars-Gunnar Dahlberg, Project Manager NCC Construction Sweden Tel +46 21 10 55 84 or +46 70 640 5049 Gisela Lindstrand, Press Relations Manager NCC AB Tel +46 8 585 52346 or +46 70 392 9500 All of NCC's press releases are available on NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region. NCC had in 2002 sales of SEK 45 billion, with 25,000 employees. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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