NCC to repair Central Bridge and Söderledstunnel

NCC has been commissioned by the City of Stockholm to repair the Central Bridge and the Söderledstunnel in Stockholm. The assignments are worth SEK 241 million.

Work on the Central Bridge will be divided into two stages, the first of which will commence in mid-June 2007 and extend until September the same year, during which the bridge over Söderström will be repaired. Corresponding work over Norrström will be conducted in summer 2008.

“The Central Bridge is old and in need of repair. We will remove asphalt and insulation down to the structural concrete and then install a new sealing layer,” says Camilla Magnusson, Construction Contract Manager at NCC.

In addition to the re-insulation works, a new median barrier and new lighting will be installed, and a new dewatering system assembled.

“The main challenge consists of the time allowed. A great deal has to be done in a short period. In addition, traffic over the bridge will flow all the time, which subjects the planning work to stringent requirements,” says Camilla Magnusson.

At the same time, the concrete structure of the north-south axle of the Söderledstunnel will be repaired. This will be done by initially water-jetting the surface of the road, following which several prefabricated wall elements will be assembled and then cast on site. The work, which also includes the replacement of existing electricity and fan installations, and the coating of the tunnel ceiling with new fireproof plaster, will commence in mid-June 2007. The contract is scheduled for completion by October 2007.

About 50 employees will be engaged in the project. In addition, many contractors will be commissioned.

For further information, please contact:
Camilla Magnusson, Construction Contract Manager, NCC Construction Sverige AB, Stockholm-Mälardalen Region, tel + 46 (0)8 585 518 24, + 46 (0)70 641 72 47
Malin Engstedt, Acting Press Rel. Manager, NCC Group, +46 (0)8 585 523 46, +46 (0)709 14 69 69

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