DiaGenic has been granted world-wide trademarks for its key brands ADtect®, BCtect®, PDtect® and MCItect®

Oslo – May 8th 2012: DiaGenic ASA [OSL:DIAG] have received grants of world-wide trademark for key brand names in the DiaGenic portfolio: ADtect®, MCItect®, PDtect® and BCtect®. Trademark protection adds to building a strong portfolio of intellectual properties (IP) for product commercialization.

DiaGenic has today reviewed its trademark coverage in mayor markets. Broad coverage in most key markets for ADtect, PDtect, MCItect and BCtect have been obtained. Registered trademarks are now granted in 30 countries representing key global markets including US, EU and Rest of the World (ROW). For one product, BCtect®, a preliminary refusal of trademark in the US, due to similarity with “BC detect” from Panacea Inc., is noted. MCItect® application in South Korea is still pending processing. For more information see a.o. WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organisation.


Henrik Lund, CEO

Telephone: 47 90971219

e-mail: henrik.lund@diagenic.com

About DiaGenic ASA

DiaGenic seeks to create value for patients, partners, and investors by developing innovative and more patient friendly methods for early detection of diseases utilizing DiaGenic’s unique concept. The concept implies that a disease evokes systemic responses in the blood unique for the disease, and which can be measured by using blood samples.

DiaGenic is a world leader in identifying these gene expression signatures in peripheral blood and is focused on the development of biomarkers in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. DiaGenic’s Alzheimer’s disease development program includes the CE marked diagnostic test ADtect®, for detection of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease, and MCItect®which is under development for identifying patients with very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease (prodromal AD).

DiaGenic’s concept is protected through an extensive patent portfolio. DiaGenic promotes its products and services towards leading pharmaceutical, imaging and diagnostic companies. DiaGenic is located in Norway and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. For more information please visit: www.diagenic.com

About Us

NEL ASA is a leading global supplier of hydrogen technology for industrial / energy purposes, and has made over 500 deliveries in more than 50 countries. The company's main products are hydrogen production plants based on water electrolysis, complete hydrogen stations for transport and renewable energy storage solutions. The company has its roots from the hydrogen activities of Norsk Hydro, which dates back to 1927. The company also has a number of patents related to tests for early detection and diagnosis of diseases.