NeoNet Defies Trend in the Securities Industry of Lower Revenues, Limited Growth and Reduced Volumes

Company Calls Attention to Significant Revenue, Trading Volume and Growth Rate Increases

NEW YORK, N.Y.—December 3, 2001—NeoNet, a leading provider of real-time equity trading services for institutional investors and broker-dealers, today announced that its U.S. Operations continue to defy the trend in the securities industry of lower revenues, limited growth and reduced volumes by calling attention to its significant revenue, trading volume and growth rate increases for Q3 2001 as compared to Q3 2000. By the end of Q3 2001(September 30, 2001), NeoNet’s U.S. Operations achieved an increase in turnover growth of 277 percent or $6.1 billion versus $2.2 billion in the same period a year ago. Gross revenue increased by 153 percent or $2.4 million compared to $934,512 for the same period and average lot/block size increased by 87 percent or 42,755 shares versus 22,800 shares. “With many of the major European and global market indices suffering losses of up to 45 percent and exchange volumes down approximately 39 percent year-to-date, NeoNet is one of the few electronic-based firms to produce substantial growth during 2001,” said Peter Gaffney, president of U.S. Operations, NeoNet. “As we broaden our product offering and increase global growth opportunities, the success of the first nine months of 2001 will play a key role in the continued execution of our short- and long-term business objectives, and reinforce NeoNet’s position as the leader in the direct exchange access industry.” NeoNet’s pan-European trading platform provides investors worldwide with increased sources of liquidity and access to cross-border trading functionality. NeoNet offers electronic trading access to the Euronext, London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen stock exchanges. NeoNet plans to offer electronic trading access to Nasdaq in second quarter 2002 and after that, trading on Milan and virt-x later in 2002. During 2003, NeoNet plans to access the NYSE, AMEX and regional exchanges. The company’s overall objective is to offer electronic trading access to 80 percent of the world’s stock market capitalization by 2003. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Parrish Blaszka, Spring O’Brien 973.267.8800 Sharon Salamon, NeoNet, New York 212.980.7600

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Neonet offers professional market participants flexible, independent and transparent execution services based on advanced trading software solutions. Neonet’s services include a comprehensive execution management system, advanced trading algorithms, smart order routing, market data services and a trading desk operated by qualified execution specialists. Neonet does not engage in proprietary trading or any other financial activity that could result in a potential conflict of interest. Neonet serves clients in over 20 countries. Clients include banks, brokerage firms, institutional investors, hedge funds and asset managers. Neonet Securities is an Orc Group company. Orc Group is owned by Nordic Capital Fund VII. For more information, please visit:


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