Net Insights DTM-products form the backbone of vasa läns telefon€s broadband network

NET INSIGHTS DTM-PRODUCTS FORM THE BACKBONE OF VASA LÄNS TELEFON´S BROADBAND NETWORK Finnish telecom operator, Vasa Läns Telefon (VLT), will be one of the first operators in the world to construct a broadband network that can transport existing and new telecom services, ranging from traditional telephony, broadband data transfer and video. The network will be built with the new DTM technology developed by the network company, Net Insight AB. The agreement between VLT and Net Insight finalises the successful pilot installation, that was made in November 1998, and now the network goes into commercial operation. "The construction of the digital highway, which has been much discussed and written about for many years, has started here at VLT. Now, we can offer our customers high quality broadband data services that can be customised according to the customer's requirements. We can also fully integrate data, voice and video within the same network," says Erik Sjöberg, CEO of VLT. As a first step, the DTM network will be used for a local newspaper and its printers. The bandwidth will automatically increase every night when the newspaper is sent to print electronically. For the newspaper, this saves time and keeps communication costs low. In addition to the newspaper, a university offering advanced media courses will be offered high-speed communication, and the next step will be to offer the service to major corporations in the region. "Net Insight's DTM solutions increase our competitive edge. Our customers highly value factors such as reliability, flexibility, and short response times, and they receive all this with the DTM network. Our customers will be paying only for the exact bandwidth they need, and we will easily be able to provide them with tailored solutions," says Björn Lindén, Product Development Manager at VLT. The agreement entails that Net Insight will provide three Nimbra One city network switches and a number of access devices Nimbra 101, as well as a number of replacement units. The installation of these products will take place in October. VLT also has the option of buying three additional switches and three access devices. This installation makes it possible for the DTM network to expand to other cities, and thereby create a regional DTM network. "For Net Insight, VLT has been the perfect pilot client with its experience of testing products and recognising future business opportunities. We consider the fact that VLT is now buying our products as a recognition. As a qualified operator, VLT will be an important reference client for other operators," says Bengt Olsson, CEO of Net Insight. For further information, please contact: Bengt Olsson, CEO Net Insight, tel: +46-8-449 22 30, e-mail: Erik Sjöberg, CEO VLT, tel: +358 6 411 30 00, mobile: +358 50 2625 e-mail: Börje Lindén, Product Development Manager VLT, tel +358-6 411 32 20, mobile +358 50 26 10, e-mail: Net Insight - Facts Net Insight is a network company that develops and markets DTM based solutions (Dynamic Synchronous Transfer Mode) for network operators with an aim to reduce costs and construct networks for the future of superior performance and unique scalability. The vision of Net Insight is to release the full potential of the Internet and fibre optics so that network operators may be in a position to offer totally interactive communication. For more information, please see Vasa Läns Telefon - Facts Vasa Läns Telefon is a local telecoms operator in Vasa, Finland. With over 100,000 telephony clients and 45,000 cable TV customers, Vasa Läns Telefon is the fourth largest member of the Finnet group, a consortium of 45 Finnish telecoms operators. 1998 turnover totalled over FM 229 m. The services of Vasa Läns Telefon include all types of communication ranging from traditional telephony, mobile telephony, Internet and cable TV to tailored communication solutions for major corporations. Vasa Läns Telefon is also the owner and operator of fibre optical underwater cables between Vasa in Finland and Umeå in Sweden. For more information please see: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: