Tele2 AB submits its UMTS-application

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, September 1, 2000 Tele2 AB submits its UMTS-application rd Tele2 AB will later today submit its application for a 3 generation mobile network in Sweden. The financial resources for our xx.x% coverage* ) will be provided by a bank syndicate and this coverage will give us an excellent opportunity to be awarded an UMTS-license in Sweden. Based upon the information that we have about our competitors' level of investments in Norway it is likely that we will be awarded a licence to operate UMTS also in Norway. In Finland NetCom AB already has a licence to operate UMTS. "We have an extensive infrastructure for mobile communication, we have experience of data services and broad band - and through the relation to MTG also good opportunities to rapidly develop the content of the services," says Tele2 CEO Lars-Johan Jarnheimer. In reference to our Danish MVNO-licence, made public yesterday, Svenska Dagbladet today made the interpretation that our Swedish GSM network is for sale. That is not correct. It is not necessary to own your network in every individual country. This has to be judged case by case in every market depending upon number of customers, market conditions, capacity and the price offered to NetCom. Our purpose is to keep a low price for our customers. NetCom is therefore willing to buy/sell/co-use its own or other companies' network. * ) the percentage will be made public at 3.01 p.m. For further information, please contact: NetCom's Media service, phone number: +46-8-5626 46 26 (twenty-four hours) Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, President and CEO, NetCom AB, phone number: +46-8-5626 40 00 NetCom AB, formed in 1993, is a leading telecommunications company in the Nordic countries. The Company provides GSM cellular services, under the Comviq and Tele2Mobil brands in Sweden, under Tele2Mobil in Norway, through its Ritabell subsidiary (Q-GSM) in Estonia and under the Tele2 brand in Lithuania. For public telecommunications, data communications and Internet access, NetCom has the Tele2 brand in Sweden and the subsidiaries Tele2 A/S in Denmark and Tele2 Norge AS in Norway. Datametrix, which specializes in systems integration, and Optimal Telecom are also part of NetCom AB. The Group offers cable television services under the Kabelvision brand name. NetCom AB has a 17.8% stake in Société Européenne de Communication SA. The Company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, under NCOMA and NCOMB, and an ADR listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market, under NECSB. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: