MULTILIZER® 5.0 for Globalizing Palm OS Software Now Shipping

A Unique Speed-to-Market Globalization Tool for Palm Application Developers MULTILIZER® 5.0 for Globalizing Palm OS Software Now Shipping Helsinki, Finland - June 20, 2001 - Multilizer Inc., the leading provider of software globalization technology, today announced that MULTILIZER® Developer Edition TM 5.0 software, including binary-level localization support for Palm OS® applications, is now ready for shipping. As a result, the vast community of Palm developers is for the first time provided with an enterprise-level solution that enables rapid and easy multi-lingual software production and modification. MULTILIZER® efficiently opens new markets for any Palm OS based software by localizing it and making it accessible to people around the world. It is the only globalization tool available on the software development market that is capable of searching and taking out all localizable strings directly from a ready-made Palm application, i.e. the *.PRC file. The original source code is not needed at all during the localization project. MULTILIZER® is based on standards defined in the Palm OS internationalization guidelines. The new MULTILIZER® Developer Edition TM 5.0 provides an advanced way of sharing software development and localization among the product development team. The XML-formatted project database can easily be subsetted for translation purposes and then re-integrated with for example a user interface enhanced version of the application with only a few clicks of a mouse. All steps are assisted by a Wizard function implemented in MULTILIZER®. "Developing global software instead of relying only on English or some local dominating language adds value to the product. Producing several language versions has been expensive and time-consuming - but not any more", said Jari Partanen, CEO of Multilizer Inc. "MULTILIZER® includes a Translator Memory that eliminates the need for translating text strings again and again for every future product, platform or development environment. All the hard work is done only once and then stored for future use. This saves as much as 80 per cent of the time and money needed for software localization", Mr. Partanen continued. More Info: About Multilizer Inc. Multilizer Inc. is the leading provider of software globalization technology for enterprises accelerating their global software business. Founded in 1992 and focused on speed-to-market solutions, Multilizer develops the industry's most innovative and integrated software globalization framework for established and emerging platforms. Multilizer's technology and partner services help enterprises gain international revenues faster, cut software globalization project costs, and create a more consistent global brand. The MULTILIZER® software globalization technology already has more than 2,000 corporate users worldwide. The customer base includes international companies like Intel, Ericsson Mobile Communications, Lucent Technologies and Xerox. Multilizer is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. MULTILIZER® Software Globalization FrameworkTM is an integrated solution for enterprise-wide software globalization. This scalable and solid framework, consisting of solutions for all major software development environments, provides companies with an integrated and compatible set of tools for streamlining all their software globalization tasks, enterprise-wide. For more information please visit our web site: Contact: Mr. Jari Partanen, CEO, Multilizer Inc. Email Tel. +358 9 251 5100, Mobile +358 400 444 032 Mr. Olli Mutanen, COO, Multilizer Inc. Email Tel. +358 9 251 5100, Mobile +358 400 444 609 Agency Contact: Ms. Christina Forsgard, NetProfile Finland Oy Email Tel. +358 9 6812 080, Mobile +358 40 571 9192 ends ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: