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Karen Young (Birdy, Heat) gives a powerfully intense performance as a victim of sexual violence who turns vigilante in this female revenge thriller, HANDGUN (18). Written, produced and directed by British film veteran Tony Garnett, it is available on DVD as a brand new transfer in its correct cinema aspect ratio for the first time in the UK on 20 May 2013, RRP £9.99.

With one broken relationship still fresh in her mind, Kathleen Sullivan (Karen Young) is in no mood to take on a new boyfriend. But macho Larry (Clayton Day) will not tolerate sexual rebuffs; rape is his means of exercising what he regards as a male prerogative.

Consumed by anger and hungry for vengeance, how will Kathleen reclaim her freedom and peace of mind?

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HANDGUN (18) is a Network Distributing title                  

Release Date: 20 May 2013 RRP: £9.99 Running Time: 99 mins (approx.)

Screen Ratio: 1.85:1 No. of Discs: 1 Catalogue no. 7953869



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