Teliophone enables unrestricted, high quality video and voice calling from iPhone

Press release from Telio
Oslo, Norway, 1st November 2010

Teliophone enables unrestricted, high quality video and voice calling from iPhone

Telio SA, technology innovators launched Teliophone, a high quality video and voice enabled service for iPhone/iPoad/iPad for its business and residential customers in Norway.

Teliophone features unique connection of user friendly provisioning and high quality, standards based mobile videophone. Through WLAN or 3G, with Teliophone it is possible to call any other number on the traditional fixed and mobile network as well as to other video and HD enabled terminals in Telio’s network (and soon in other networks).

In addition to high quality, unrestricted 2 way video calls in portrait and landscape mode for iOS4 on iPhone 3GS & 4, iPod 4 (with up to 24 frames per second), Teliophone supports front/back camera switch (iPhone 4/iPad 4), multitasking, secure signaling, advanced FW/NAT traversal, integration with yellow/white pages etc.

Alan Duric, Chief Technology Officer and co-Founder of Telio says about the Teliophone: "We are thrilled to launch this exciting service for iPhone, with the help of Telio’s powerful and flexible technology platform. A number of unique features of this service strongly positions Telio towards the intersection of the raising megatrends of mobile VoIP and telepresence”.

 “Teliophone enables our customer base to achieve substantial savings for a number of their calling scenarios and in addition, it elevates user experience with high quality video calling and high definition speech, a more superior way to communicate then what is the case with the traditional mobile” says Eirik Lunde, CEO of Telio Holding ASA.

Teliophone is available through Apple’s (Norwegian) App store for Telio’s existing subscribers (both residential and SMB). Teliophone has free setup and is free for its subscribers during the promotional period, until end of 2010.

About Telio Holding ASA

Telio is a leading European fixed, video and mobile internet communications provider. A combination of Telio offerings can replace traditional fixed, video and mobile telephone services by using the Telio VoIP solution over a fixed or mobile broadband connection. Telio's flexible, scalable, access-independent technology platform provides Telio and its White Label partners with the ability to rapidly introduce innovative products and services (


For further information, please contact:

Mr. Eirik Lunde, CEO                                             

Telephone: +47 23 62 66 88.

Mobile: +47 48 09 69 64

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