Digital Identities now also for Mac users

Nexus has launched a new version of its software for digital identities. In Sweden digital identities are often used when completing income-tax return forms and when applying for parental approval on the Internet. In many cases it is Nexus software that supports this. The new version makes it possible for Mac OS X users to use digital identities in the same way as Windows users. Furthermore Nexus software now has full support for Microsoft Windows Vista.

Nexus Personal is sophisticated client software that enables the use of digital identities. It is simple to use and easily downloadable client software with extensive smart card support. The new version provides the same functions for digital signatures and identification as the former version for Windows and now also supports PowerPC and Intel processors.

"Nexus has broad expertise and skills within the area of digital identities. Extensive development work has taken place with Nexus Personal during the autumn. The new platform has been developed to fully support the end-users’ requirements and needs," says Thomas Holmström, CTO, Technology Nexus AB.

Nexus Personal supports digital identities stored as a file on a disk, on smart cards or on smart USB-devices. With Nexus Personal, digital identities can be used in standard programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and logging in to Windows. They can also be used to access remote networks and other applications.

"We can see a powerful trend in the market in realising the advantages and benefits achieved when using smart cards for internet banking. Nexus solutions for digital identities gives complete protection for the end-users’ assets. We will see the use of smart cards increasing significantly in the future," says Thomas Holmström.

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