Nexus Develops Role-based Digital ID for the German Market in Partnership with D-Trust

Nexus Develops Role-based Digital ID for the German Market in Partnership with D-Trust Nexus have received an order from D-Trust in Berlin concerning Role-Based Digital Identities i.e. Attribute Certificates. With Role-Based Digital Identities new possibilities to protect and use information and services are achieved, based on a person's role rather than the identity. The Attribute Certificate is a complement to the personal certificate. Areas of use are for example Health Care, Defence and the Public Sector, where a number of individuals can have the same function and thereby gain access to the same information and services. D-Trust are Certificate provider for the German State Administration and have been a customer of Nexus for several years. D-Trust use the Nexus Certificate Management solution for their Trust Services in the German market. Nexus is partcipating in other interesting solutions in Germany. One of these is Volkswagen where the Nexus Certificate Management solution is used for issuing user certificates to over 30 000 employees. -"The German market is important for Nexus and we see great opportunities in this cooperation. D-Trust is a leading Trust Service Provider to the authorities and public sector in Germany. This partnership strengthens our position in the German market significanty", says Gustaf Malmros, Executive Vice President and Business Area Manager of Nexus. For further information, please contact: Gustaf Malmros, Executive Vice President and Business Area Manager, Secured Business Solutions, Technology Nexus AB, telephone +46 70 594 4358, e-mail: About Secured Business Solutions Within the field of secured IT solutions, Nexus has gathered expertise in business and operations systems, PKI-based solutions, and secured messaging. Through the combination of our expertise and experience in secured solutions for electronic business transactions, electronic services, message management, and electronic IDs, we have a unique ability to create the right security solutions based on our clients needs. We deliver secured solutions within the following areas: Digital Identities, Digital Signatures, Identity Management, Secured Messaging. See also, Facts about Nexus Technology Nexus AB develops and delivers software and services that allow businesses to have more open IT communication with their own customers, while protecting important and valuable information. Whether managing subscriber identities and digital signatures or delivering secure messaging, Nexus safeguards customers' transactions and communication channels and improves their profitability. Nexus works with the end-customer market, and as a development partner with customers with high demands on quality. Nexus has about 450 employees, with regional offices across Sweden in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Umeå, Karlstad, Västerås, Örebro and Borlänge. International offices are in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Paris, London, Madrid and New Jersey, USA. Our head office is in Linköping, Sweden. Find more information at E-mail: Facts about D-Trust D-Trust GmbH, was founded 1998 in Berlin and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei GmbH. The D-Trust Trust Centre is operated in the protected environment of Bundesdruckerei's high-security building. In 2001, D-TRUST GmbH announced operations as a certification authority in conformance with the Signature Act, and was accredited in March 2002 by the Regulatory Authority for Post and Telecommunications. Following a voluntary security review by the German TÜV-IT, a leading testing and certification body in the field of information technology,, D-TRUST is now entitled to refer to itself as the leading German trust center. In February 2003, this independent test agency granted D-TRUST GmbH the highest level of security, "Trusted Site Infrastructure - Level 3". No other German certification authority has this distinction!* (as of February 2003). For more info: D-TRUST GmbH, Kommandantenstraße 15, D-10969 Berlin. Tel.: +49 30 / 25 93 91-0,Fax.: +49 30 / 25 93 91-22 Internet: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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