Technology Nexus AB (publ.) enters strategic collaboration for mobile telephony based security solutions for Internet ap

Technology Nexus AB (publ.) enters strategic collaboration for mobile telephony based security solutions for Internet applications. Technology Nexus, hereafter called Nexus, is increasing its investment in mobile telephony IT security through the signing of a collaborative agreement with Mideye. Mideye has developed a mobile phone based method that eliminates the need for token cards, scratch cards, and the like that are currently required to establish identification on the Internet. The new method requires only a common GSM mobile telephone, of any make and model. Nexus will act as the integration partner for Mideye's software as well as distributing the Mideye service. "Nexus' core operations are centred around applied IT security. To be able to identify the end user in a secure and guaranteed fashion is one of the basic requirements for creating secure solutions over open networks. With Mideye, one can, in a simple, cost-effective, and mobile fashion, support systems that require secure identification. We are witnessing that companies have a more and more pronounced need for mobile IT security in their solutions. Mideye fills a clear role in this regard and complements our customer offering," says Kjell Cronvall, Deputy CEO of Nexus. In order to gain access to a service that is protected with Mideye, the end-user provides their user name and static password on a PC as normal. If the password is correct, a one- time code is sent and after a couple of seconds presented on the display screen of the end-user's GSM mobile telephone. By then entering the correct code into the PC, the user is identified and gains access to the protected service. In this way, the user can be securely and definitely identified, regardless of the PC being used to log into the system. "Companies currently distribute smart cards, token cards, scratch cards, and so on to their employees, partners, and suppliers in order to attain secure identification on the Internet. We take advantage of an already existing infrastructure. Mideye's business idea is to use the GSM infrastructure to ensure secure identification on the Internet. We believe that this is a huge market and that a market leading company like Nexus has embraced our product is further proof that we are at the cutting edge of development," says Ulf Schuberth, CEO of Mideye. For further information, please contact: Mikael Jacobsson, President and CEO, Technology Nexus AB, +46 (0) 706-47 58 10, e-mail: Kjell Cronvall, Vice President, Technology Nexus AB, +46 (0) 8 655 39 20 e-mail: Ulf Schuberth, General Sales Manager, Mideye AB, +46 (0) 70 98 60 695, e-mail: Facts about Technology Nexus AB Technology Nexus AB (publ.), quoted under Attract40 at the Stockholm Stock Exchange, has specialised in the development and supply of secure IT solutions to improve clients' profitability. Nexus works not only with end-clients, but also as a development partner for clients with very high quality requirements. Nexus' vision is to be a leading partner for secure solutions in the digital economy. Nexus has around 370 employees, with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Linköping (head office), Umeå, Karlstad, Västerås, Borlänge, Hamburg, Paris, London, Madrid, and New York. More information is available at E-mail: Facts about Mideye AB Mideye started two years ago as an innovation cell within Ericsson Radio Systems. In June 2000 Mideye was transfered to Ericsson Business Innovation, and in October the same year, Mideye was founded. The company, which is a wholly owned subsidiarie to Ericsson Business Innovation, today has approximately 15 employees stationed in Spain and Sweden. Mideye provides solutions for secure identification with the help of a GSM mobile phone. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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