NMC says “thank you!”To mark the 30th anniversary of the CLIMAFLEX® brand

The Belgian manufacturer NMC, market leader in the area of ​​polyethylene (PE) pipe insulation, wishes to thank its customers for their loyalty over the years. The company is also pleased to announce that its new CLIMAFLEX® SYSTEM valve insulation is fully compliant with the requirements of Germany’s energy conservation regulations (EnEV).

Over the past 30 years, NMC has built up a reputation as a reliable and innovative partner in the polyethylene (PE) pipe insulation sector with its market-leading CLIMAFLEX® line of products. Thanks to intensive on-going development and close contact with customers, CLIMAFLEX® has steadily been refined and optimised over the years. This reliable product matches up to the most demanding performance and safety requirements, meets the European CE standard and is compliant with Germany’s EnEV regulations (DIN 1988 Part 2). Furthermore, it has been awarded fire protection classification BL s1 d0. The CE badge will be mandatory for insulation on all technical product systems from August 2012 onwards. NMC has been complying with this regulation since April. The official CE mark on all NMC insulation products confirms compliance­ with EU standard 14313. Moreover, CLIMAFLEX is the first flexible insulation to be given European fire protection classification BL s1 d0. Measured resistance is higher than most levels set throughout Europe for public buildings and has been verified as Type 1.

Yet CLIMAFLEX® encompasses many more benefits. Right from the start, this range of intelligent products has been manufactured to a high specification from energy-efficient materials. CLIMAFLEX® products are easy to handle, dimensionally stable and hard-wearing. Their thermal conductivity is extremely low while their sound insulation properties are­ outstanding. The best thing, though, is that they are economical with scarce natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

In view of this success story, it was only logical that the range should be extended to include insulation for valves and pipe fittings. The CLIMAFLEX® SYSTEM comprises covers for all popular valves and sizes from various manufacturers, so heat loss can be minimised even in the most awkward places. CLIMAFLEX® is a complete solution for the simple and effective lagging of pipes and fittings.

The result is systematic and continuous insulation, as prescribed by EnEV 2009. The new line consists of 14 individual items including angle-seat valve, ball valve and circulation valve solutions – and all perfectly coordinated with our standard pipe lagging.

The insulation covers are designed for universal use and are consequently suitable for valves supplied by different manufacturers. They can also be readily trimmed to size using a cutter or cutting die. The reinforced exterior coating gives them dimensional stability, so that they offer lasting protection to fittings and valves from corrosion and premature wear.

NMC now wishes to express its gratitude to customers for their loyalty and to say “thank you” for 30 years of efficient thermal insulation. During the period from 2nd May to 31st July 2012, the company is organising a competition in which the prize will be a ‘Thanksgiving Party’ for 30 people to the value of €3,000. For more information and to enter the competition, please visit www.climaflex.de.

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