Utilfredsstillende svar fra Telenor

Altimo er skuffet over Telenors svar til de påstander som Altimo har formidlet til styret i Telenor. Se kommentar fra Altimo nedenfor.


Altimo is disappointed by Telenor’s response to the significant issues contained in the evidence delivered yesterday to Telenor’s Board of Directors.

On 12 November, Altimo and its International Advisory Board wrote letters to Telenor's Board of Directors seeking an explanation of issues of very serious concern that arose from evidence of questionable activities directed at Altimo and its International Advisory Board. The evidence contained the names of a number of senior Telenor employees. Altimo and its International Advisory Board's correspondence sought clarification of the role, if any, that Telenor and its agents had played in these matters. This approach was made in public only after Telenor had failed to respond to a private approach made a month ago to its President and CEO for an explanation of these same documents.

Yesterday evening, Telenor issued a statement claiming that Altimo's letter was "absurd and unfounded" and made generalised claims that the documents that it had been provided with were forged. Neither claims are correct, but Altimo considers that Telenor's response is actually most striking for what it fails to say. Altimo is disappointed to see that Telenor does not deny involvement in the matters disclosed by the evidence that has been shared with them. Secondly, Telenor makes no attempt to explain why it has failed to respond to these materials for over a month if it has an answer to them.

This attempt by Telenor to dismiss the serious matters without any proper explanation is wholly unsatisfactory. Altimo still hopes that Telenor can show that it has not been involved in the dealings: that neither Telenor nor anyone else on its behalf hired agents for the surveillance of Altimo’s management and shareholders and for placing negative media articles to damage Altimo’s reputation; nor that it was aware of the internal confidential emails and telephone conversations intercepted from Altimo. These are the questions to which Telenor should respond.

Yesterday's press release from Telenor offers little explanation; in fact, from Altimo's perspective, it raises far more questions than it answers. Altimo, therefore, repeats its request for a full account by Telenor of any role that it might have played in this negative campaign against Altimo designed to discredit and disrupt its business.