Det vises til børsmelding datert 30. juni 2009. Det har i dag blitt avholdt obligasjonseiermøte, hvor obligasjonsrestruktureringen ble vedtatt som foreslått i innkallingen til obligasjonseiermøtet. Vedlagt følger bekreftelse fra Norsk Tillitsmann.

Om oss

67º NorthAbove the Arctic Circle...Codfarmers is a leading company in the new industry of cod farming. Located above the Arctic Circle, our farms provide the best combination of stable low temperatures, strong currents and ocean shelter required to grow premium quality Atlantic Cod.Through six harvest generations, Codfarmers has acquired a proven track record producing top quality farmed cod in large volumes. Our global focus and extensive commercial network allow us to fulfil the daily needs of discerning customers and consumers worldwide.We set ourselves ambitious goals for sustainable aquaculture, fish welfare and social responsibility, in line with our Responsible COD Culture programme. Codfarmers is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.


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