Torres family group wine companies, Miguel TORRES S.A., Miguel TORRES Chile, Marimar Estate, Jean Leon and Torre Real will change importer in Norway as of January 1, 2007. Torres & Partners Norway (TPN) will be started and represent Torres range of wines, brandies and delicatessen products, as well as some other prestigious wineries from different countries.

Ekjord AS will continue normally until the end of 2006 after which Torres & Partners Norway will take over. Due to the good relationship between the two companies both Ekjord and Torres ensures the supply chain during the transit period.

Torres brand has become very well known in Norway thanks to fruitful cooperation with the Ekjord family during almost 30 years. Now Torres is about to start a new challenge for their products in the Norwegian market, at the same time that thanks Ekjord AS for all the work done during this years.

Torres was founded in 1870 and today their products can be found in more than 140 countries from all over the world. Norway is in their top 10 markets .