Rapporteringsdatoer for Moelven

Moelven Industrier ASA har planlagt følgende rapporteringsdatoer i 1999:

05.03.99 Endelig årsregnskap for 1998.
29.04.99 Generalforsamling.
29.04.99 Regnskap for første kvartal 1999.
20.08.99 Regnskap for annet kvartal 1999.
29.10.99 Regnskap for tredje kvartal 1999.

Moelv, 1999.01.18 <br>Oddvar Hemsøe <br>informasjonssjef <br>

Om oss

Click here to find all company financial reports: http://www.moelven.com/About-Moelven/Finacial-information/Financial-reports/ Moelven industrier ASA is a Scandinavian industrial group that supplies products and associated services to the Scandinavian building market. The Group's businesses employ over 3.500 persons and have a total annual turnover of some NOK 10 billion. The Group's close to 46 business production units are organised into three divisjons: Timber, Wood and Building Systems. www.moelven.nowww.moelven.sewww.moelven.dkwww.moelven.com