SIMTRONICS - IECEx and INMETRO Certification

Simtronics ASA is pleased to announce that it has recently received IEC Ex certification for its range of flame and gas detection products and INMETRO (Brazil) approval for its infrared gas detectors. The products in question are the MultiFlame combined ultraviolet / infrared and multispectrum IR detectors (DM-TV6-T/V), flammable gas detector MultiXplo (DM-TX6) and MultiTox H2S (DM-TT6) detectors. These products complement the GD10 infrared gas detection product line, which also bears the same certification. We are also delighted to announce the GD10 range of infrared gas detectors has also received certification from INMETRO, this allows direct access to the Brazilian market. The GD10 range of IR gas detectors are predominantly selected for projects because of their low maintenance costs ­ basically they need no calibrating during its lifetime. Simtronics’ sales director Dr. Eliot Sizeland said: “All infra red detectors are not the same; the two IR sources we use are so stable that once a detector is factory-calibrated it needs no adjustment on site throughout its working life, with obvious savings on maintenance and service costs” The GD-10 point detectors respond to either flammable gas or carbon dioxide with two solid-state infrared sensors that needs no calibration or servicing during their lifetime. The infrared source is silicon-based and lasts up to 60 years ­ unlike normal infrared lamps that survive only 3-4 years. The gas detector performs self-diagnostic and calibration tests and gives clear warning if a malfunction is detected, without giving a false gas alarm. It has applications in offshore oil and gas platforms, chemical and petrochemical plants, waste disposal, gas turbines and general industry. The IECEx and INMETRO certification reinforces Simtronics’ vision to be a world class provider of sophisticated industrial safety products, systems and solutions. For further information, please contact: Dr. Eliot Sizeland, Sales Director Simtronics ASA Detection Systems Division Phone +44 7930 899474 Simtronics ASA (Oslo Stock Exchange: SIMTRO) works to prevent disasters from happening. The company is an international supplier of fire and gas safety systems, active fire fighting solutions and fire prevention systems. Simtronics' flame and gas detectors represent the most accurate, reliable and robust safety technology available. The Company's products, solutions and systems are used by the oil and gas industry as well as in shipping, petrochemical and other process industries and in mining. Simtronics has a well established market base in Europe with Norway, France, UK and Germany as the single most important markets. Simtronics' heritage goes back to 1948.

Om oss

Simtronics group er en internasjonal leverandør av gass- og flammedeteksjonsystemer, slokkeløsninger og brannsikringssystemer. Våre systemer og løsninger benyttes globalt for å oppdage gass og brannlekkasjer. Simtronics representerer den mest presise, driftssikre og robuste sikkerhetsteknologi på markedet. Systemene og løsningene brukes i tillegg til olje- og gassindustrien innenfor bransjer som shipping, petrokjemisk industri og andre prosessindustrier så vel som i gruveindustrien. Simtronics har en etablert markedsbase i Europa med Norge, Frankrike, Storbritannia og Tyskland som de viktigste markedene. Simtronics virksomhet har røtter tilbake til 1948.