Wilson ASA inviterer til presentasjon av
selskapets resultat for 2. kvartal 2008 / første
halvår på torsdag 21. august.

I Oslo vil det bli
avholdt presentasjon kl 08.30 i Rederiforbundets
lokaler, Rådhusgt. 25 og i Bergen vil resultatet
bli presentert kl 09.35 i forbindelse med
arrangementet `Hordaland på Børs`, Radisson SAS
Royal Hotel Bryggen.

Vennligst send påmelding til innen onsdag 20. august
kl 1600.

Om oss

The Company’s business concept is to offer Norwegian and European industry competitive, secure, reliable, flexible and long-term maritime transport services. With large transport volumes and long-term transport portfolios, Wilson can optimise sailing patterns and achieve efficient operations and thus secure long-term stable earnings. The Company’s strategy is to focus on growth and expansion in the European dry cargo segment by increasing the volume of long-term freight contracts, purchasing tonnage, acquiring companies or entering into alliances with other players. The Company’s financial strategy is to keep focus on and control risk, as well as hedge against major fluctuations in general market conditions for Wilson by aiming for: - A high contractual share of the total freigt volume- A reasonable balance between contract portfoilio and freight capacity- A balanced currency risk- Reduced exposure to fluctuations in bunker pricesAs a part of Wilson’s company culture, core values and ethical guidelines have been prepared and implemented. Wilson’s core values are to be: reliable, service minded, professional, long term, solid, competitive and innovative.