Nokia and SIPphone Bring Easy Access Gizmo VoIP Services to the Nokia N80 Internet Edition

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced that users of the Nokia N80 Internet Edition will have easy access to low-cost calls over the Internet with SIPphone’s Gizmo Voice over IP (VoIP) services. The Nokia N80 Internet Edition is optimized for SIP-based Internet calls, and now Nokia and SIPphone have worked together to create an easy way to configure and make calls using Gizmo VoIP directly from your multimedia computer.

“Mobilizing the Internet is a key focus for Nokia and I’m excited to see how a multimedia computer like the Nokia N80 Internet Edition can provide people with the convenience of Internet calling,” said Ralph Eric Kunz, vice president, Multimedia, at Nokia. “Our collaboration with SIPphone makes Internet calling easy, plus our open VoIP platform allows for any SIP-based VoIP provider to incorporate their services in our device architecture, giving consumers the best of the Internet world.”

Nokia N80 Internet Edition users download the free Gizmo VoIP settings from the Download! folder in their device, automatically beginning the installation process. During installation, users go through a simple two-step process for creating a free account that they'll use to make Internet calls. Other capabilities, such as customizing voicemail greetings, purchasing Gizmo Call Out credit for dialing landlines and mobile devices and managing Gizmo account settings are available by using the Nokia N80 Internet Edition to browse the web site.

“Collaborating with Nokia has allowed our development teams to create a compelling VoIP experience on the N80 Internet Edition and instantly enable millions of mobile consumers around the world to save money," said Michael Robertson, Chairman and CEO of SIPphone. "Ease of configuration and intuitive everyday use options make this Internet calling service unique in the mobile VoIP space."

Making an Internet call with the Nokia N80 Internet Edition is as easy as making a regular voice call, only the call is carried through wireless LAN, saving money and conserving cellular airtime minutes in the process. The Nokia-developed VoIP framework, based on the SIP-protocol, integrates the Internet call experience. The Download! folder enables the easy downloading of Gizmo VoIP settings.. Furthermore, the open S60 platform on the Nokia N80 Internet Edition is optimized for downloading compatible third party Internet call applications.

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