Danzas Sweden AB and Danzas Holding AG Offer to the Shareholders of ASG AB (publ)

Danzas Sweden AB and Danzas Holding AG Offer to the Shareholders of ASG AB (publ) Results of the Offer Danzas Sweden AB and its parent company Danzas Holding AG, which is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post AG, announce today the results of their public tender offer (the "Offer") to the shareholders of ASG AB (publ). The initial acceptance period for the Offer ran from 25 May to 14 June 1999. The number of Series B shares tendered as at the close of business on 14 June was 509,168, representing 4.1 per cent of ASG's issued equity and 2.2 per cent of all votes of ASG shares. The tendered shares represent approximately 45 per cent of the outstanding Series B shares in ASG which have not already been purchased or conditionally purchased by Danzas or purchased by Posten Sverige AB. The shares were tendered by 6,096 shareholders, representing approximately 70 per cent of all directly registered ASG shareholders. As the conditions of the Offer are not applicable in respect of the 509,168 shares already tendered, Danzas will complete the purchase of these shares on the payment date, which will be 23 June 1999. Aggregate shares purchased or under option to Danzas Separately from the Offer, Deutsche Post has already purchased 1,471,800 Series B shares in the open market and conditionally purchased, subject to the receipt of EU approval, a further 6,866,352 Series B shares from AB Custos and three other major shareholders of ASG AB (publ). Furthermore, Danzas has also received an option from AB Custos, which has not yet been exercised, to purchase a further 726,750 Series A shares or, if such shares are first converted by AB Custos into Series B shares, the same number of Series B shares. In aggregate, assuming the AB Custos shares to which the option relates are purchased by Danzas as Series B shares, these shares would amount to 76.2 per cent of the issued equity and 59.0 per cent of all the votes of ASG AB (publ). Extension period To facilitate matters for those shareholders who have not yet tendered their shares, Danzas announces that it is extending the acceptance period for the Offer of SEK 265 per share until 15 July 1999, subject to the same conditions as in the Offer to date. Payment relating to the extended Offer is expected to be made on, or around, 23 July 1999. Shareholders who accept the extended Offer are entitled to withdraw their acceptances. To be valid, such withdrawals must have been received in writing by Nordbanken Värdepappersservice / Emissioner before announcement that the conditions to the Offer have been fulfilled or waived, or, if such announcement has not been made during the acceptance period, not later than 3.00 p.m. on the last day of the extended acceptance period. For information not covered in this press release, reference is made to the prospectus that has been issued in accordance with the Offer to the shareholders in ASG dated 19 May 1999. Prospectuses and acceptance forms will be supplied by Nordbanken upon request at the following phone number: +46 8 614 84 49. Basel and Göteborg on 21 June 1999 Danzas Holding AG Danzas Sweden AB Board of Directors Board of Directors For further information, please contact: Patrick Kaiser, Head of Corporate Communications, Danzas Management Ltd., Tel. +41 61 268 76 12, E-Mail: patrick.kaiser@ch.danzas.com Prof. Dr. Gert Schukies, Head of Corporate Communications, Dr. Martin Dopychai, Head of Press Office, Deutsche Post AG, Tel. +49 228 182 99 88, E-Mail: pressestelle@deutschepost.de Annex to the detailed press release Stockholm, Basel 21 June 1999 ASG and Danzas: Tender offer successful CEO's of both companies: "Link-up benefits all" The planned link-up between the ASG and Danzas logistics companies took an important step forward today with the announcement of the results of the successful public tender offer, in which some 70% of ASG's shareholders tendered their shares to Danzas. The combination of the two companies will generate significant advantages for both firms, their customers and all their employees - a message confirmed by the chief executive officers of the two groups, Jörgen Ekberg and Peter Wagner. Once the transaction has been completed, ASG will be majority owned by Danzas, who will own over three-quarters of the capital of the company. The company will be independently responsible within the Danzas group for business in the Nordic and Baltic regions. In addition, Jörgen Ekberg will join the Danzas group management. Changes to ASG's successful management team or a relocation of its headquarters are not foreseen. There is no intention to implement any rationalization through job cuts. As ASG CEO Ekberg pointed out, only by joining forces with Danzas will his company - which has operated primarily in northern Europe to date - be able to develop into a leading international universal logistics partner for its customers: "Together we offer an exceptional network for road transport and parcel service in Europe, a worldwide network for air and sea freight service and the only true pan-European contract logistics service." He assured ASG customers that they would receive full benefit from the link-up: "We value our customers' business and intend to maintain and expand it. We want to adopt the best processes and services for the new integrated group." For Peter Wagner, Danzas CEO and member of the Deutsche Post Board of Management responsible for logistics, the link-up rounds out and increases the density of Danzas' already strong European network. "Following ASG's integration, the enlarged group will be able to offer its products throughout Europe. This step will enhance our market presence - particularly in Scandinavia - to the benefit of our customers." Ekberg and Wagner expressed confidence that the planned link-up will not only benefit both companies, their employees and their customers. The improved service offered to industry and private individuals will also improve the competitiveness of Swedish companies and increase trade opportunities within today's converging Europe. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit http://www.bit.se for further information The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/1999/06/21/19990621BIT00380/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/1999/06/21/19990621BIT00380/bit0002.pdf