Company Announcement No. 113, 2014 – Change to Nordea Kredits final terms

In company announcement no. 92, 2014, the following security code was added to the final terms of variable interest rate callable and non-callable covered mortgage bonds (SDRO):

Variable interest rate annuity bond with option for interest-only period of 1-10 years, non-callable

ISIN code Nom.interest rate/Maturity Name Openingdate Closingdate Maturity date Currency
LU111020531-4 Variable/2019 NDAEURIBOR3 OA19 17/09-2014 31/10-2018 01/01-2019 EUR

The change concerns negative interest rates
For covered mortgage bonds with adjustable rates in euro, the interest rate can also become negative.
In this event Nordea Kredit will fix the interest rate at 0%. Reference is otherwise made to the attached final terms.

This change makes the bonds in euro applicable as collateral when borrowing via the ECB.

Questions can be directed to Jakob Dueholm Bach on phone no. +45 33 33 58 58

Yours faithfully
Nordea Kredit Realkreditaktieselskab