Completion of initial project, CO2 and minerals, and other development work for anorthosite

Nordic Mining and StatoilHydro have in cooperation with the Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) completed initial studies to develop and test new technology for mineral processing and binding of CO2. The initial project has been executed at IFE's laboratories at Kjeller. Minerals characterisation, analysis and testing of various reaction principles have been part of the initial project.
The tests verify that aluminium feedstock (gibbsite) of satisfactory quality can be produced based on Nordic Mining's anorthosite deposit in Gudvangen. The reaction rate in the tests has however so far been too low for industrial scaling of the technology. The initial project has provided valuable knowledge of possible reactions with use of CO2, and this will be of significant importance for further development work.
In addition to processing of anorthosite with use of CO2, Nordic Mining's subsidiary Gudvangen Stein AS is developing anorthosite concentrates as feedstocks for various industrial applications, i.a. within glass related and ceramics industries. The company has established contact with knowledge institutions in Norway and internationally for this development activity. Testings with optical, magnetic and chemical separation technologies have been executed with purpose i.a. to reduce iron and alkali contents in the concentrates. As the results so far are positive, Nordic Mining has initiated discussions with possible industrial partners and customers.
Nordic Mining ASA ( is engaged in the business of exploration and production of high-end minerals and metals. Nordic Mining has a hard-rock rutile resource at Engebøfjellet in Naustdal municipality in Sogn og Fjordane in Norway, and is in the process of developing the resource with the intention to mine and produce high-grade rutile concentrate and develop application areas for various by-products. In addition, Nordic Mining has production of anorthosite in Gudvangen in Aurland municipality. Further, Nordic Mining is in the process of developing a lithium project in Finland with the intention to produce high-grade lithium carbonate.
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Oslo, 26 October 2009
Nordic Mining ASA