Don´t miss us at Gröna Lund 26th May

On Tuesday 26th May a one-day conference for the forest, pulp and paper industry will be held at the Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm for the second consecutive year. We at Nordic Paper will leave the forests of Värmland and make our debut at the event. Speed dating and a ride on the Twister roller coaster are both on offer!

-It will be a unique, fantastic day and evening at the amusement park, filled with discussions, technology and innovations, says Marie Stenquist, Communications Manager at Nordic Paper.
Nordic Paper has chosen to reverse the usual concept: instead of marketing the company via our news and tailor-make solutions, we challenge visitors to come along with their best innovations, thoughts and ideas. We are a company of opportunity. We need creative
ideas and welcome everyone who wants to join in and share theirs. For this reason, speed dating will be arranged with some members of the senior management group. It means that a speed date can be booked with Per Bjurbom, Nordic Paper’s M.D., Elisabeth Jakobsson, Purchasing Director, Lars Rosén, Production
Director or Lars Löfquist, HR Director. For a period of ten minutes you will have their complete attention, regardless of whether you want to air an opinion or promote yourself for a future job. Moreover, prizes will be dealt out to anyone that has a really good idea, as well as free rides with someone from Nordic Paper on the Twister roller coaster that we have hired for the day.
Representatives from the Media are welcome!


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Nordic Paper is a leading producer of Greaseproof paper and Kraft Paper.We are located in Scandinavia and operates in Sweden and Norway. Our four paper mills and two pulp mills are all within 250 kilometers of one another.We have been manufacturing special paper for a range of applications since the late 19th century. Our expert knowledge of paper manufacturing has been passed down through generations.We use only renewable forestry resources in our manufacturing processes. Everything we do, we do with the greatest possible consideration for the environment, which is witnessed by the many certification processes we have satisfied.Our motto is that we always are near, natural and premium!For more information, please visit:




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