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Nordnet is a bank for investments and savings with business in the Nordics. Nordnet Bank AB, registered in Stockholm, no. 516406-0021


  • Johan Tidestad

    Chief Communications Officer

    Gustavlundsvägen 139 Box 14077 167 14 BROMMA
    +46 8 506 334 82
    +46 708 87 57 75
    +46-8 402 53 60
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    The financial industry has to adjust to rapid technological development, more regulations and increasingly aware customers. Nordnet is perfectly positioned in that environment. With 600,000 customers and 240 billion in savings capital, we have a good base to stand on. At the same time, we have the optimal size to be agile and respond quickly to changing customer behavior
    Peter Dahlgren
    The high market activity that we have seen the first two months of the year, slowed down in March. The number of trades among our customers decreased by 18 percent compared to previous month, but is 10 percent higher than in March last year. Net savings is negative due to the previously announced reduction in cooperation with the partner Söderberg & Partners on the Swedish market. Of their clients’ capital, SEK 2.2 billion was transferred from Nordnet during the month. A total of SEK 9.5 billion related to Söderberg & Partners has been transferred from Nordnet. The volume in both personal loans and margin lending increased slightly compared with the previous month
    Johan Tidestad, CCO of Nordnet
    We reached a milestone in February. Half a million Nordic customers are now using Nordnet for their savings, investments and loans. The trading activity among our customers remains high. On average, our customers made more than 100,000 trades per day in February. Margin lending fell slightly compared with the previous month, while personal loans increased
    Håkan Nyberg, CEO of Nordnet
    February was yet another turbulent month on the global stock exchanges, including the Nordic markets. The month started negative on continued concerns about China and the economy, but recovered in the second half. The outcome for February were small gains in Stockholm and Oslo, while Copenhagen and Helsinki fell slightly
    Håkan Nyberg, CEO of Nordnet
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