Analyst conference call

Stavanger,  8 October 2008: Norwegian Energy Company ASA (Noreco - OSE:NOR),  Noreco will host an analyst conference call on Thursday 9 October  at 15:00 CET. 
Noreco issued a NOK 2,800 million senior secured callable bond in July 2007 to finance the acquisition of shares in Altinex.   In the conference call, CFO Jan Nagell will review the principles and definitions related to calculation of the market adjusted equity covenant under the loan agreement of this bond.
Noreco remains very proactive in managing the business and the debt position. Noreco has sufficient cash from its strong production to run the company and meet its debt obligations, and the company is not and does not expect to be in breach of any of its financial or other covenants.
To register for the call, please contact Tone Klepaker Skartveit at +47 992 83 882, e-mail 
To access replay of the conference call
dial +47 67894091, account no: 1565 followed by # (pound-sign)
press 1
conference no: 565 followed by # (pound-sign)
press 1 to play

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