NAPA’s Vlad Frenk to be a Featured Speaker at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center’s 2nd Annual Interdisciplinary Ultrasound Symposium

North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) announced today that Vlad Frenk, MD, Director of Regional Anesthesia at NAPA of the Hudson Valley, will be a featured speaker at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center’s 2nd Annual Interdisciplinary Ultrasound Symposium. The event, hosted by the Department of Anesthesiology, will be held June 18, 2016 in the hospital auditorium.

Dr. Frenk will be presenting on the topic, “Safety Concerns in Regional Anesthesia.” In this case-based presentation, Dr. Frenk will discuss current literature focused on the neurological and infectious risks of regional anesthesia, local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST) and whether ultrasound use improves safety profile. In addition, Dr. Frenk will be exploring the value of using regional anesthesia outside of the perioperative environment.

“With the introduction of the ultrasound for nerve blocks, regional anesthesia use is becoming more widespread and is incorporated in various ERAS and fast-track protocols,” said Dr. Frenk. “However, regional anesthesia is still grossly underutilized due to perceived safety concerns.”

The 2nd Annual Interdisciplinary Ultrasound Symposium is an educational event for clinicians, residents and other healthcare professionals to gain essential strategies for best patient practices and outcomes.

The event will enable attendees distinguish situations where ultrasound is contributory to addressing a wide variety of clinical settings by offering hands-on, hand-eye ultrasound scanning on volunteers and needle skills on simulation models.

Vlad Frenk, MD, is a board-certified cardiac anesthesiologist and Director of Regional Anesthesia for NAPA. Dr. Frenk graduated with his Doctor of Medicine from the University of California San Francisco. He went on to fulfill his anesthesiology residency and cardiac fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. He is dedicated to clinical research and has been published for his work related to regional anesthesia in numerous publications and has lectured on related topics.

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