NOTE makes NCAB Sweden and TTI Electronics its Suppliers of the Year

At NOTE’s annual Suppliers’ Day event in Poland, NCAB Sweden and TTI Electronics were awarded Supplier of the Year.

“We measure our strategic suppliers on a series of criteria through the year and recognize the supplier that best achieves our goals. Quality and delivery on time are very important and we know that it’s harder for suppliers of customer-specific components to satisfy our criteria. Therefore, from this year onwards, the prize has two categories—customer-specific components and standard components,” commented Ove Danielsson, Corporate Quality Manager at NOTE. With the citation reading: “For outstanding improvements of delivery performance in quality and delivery on time, for good availability and outstanding responsiveness to NOTE’s needs and demands, and for best-in-class service,” NCAB Sweden was awarded Supplier of the Year in the customer-specific components category. The award was received by Michael Larsson, Account Manager for NOTE. With the citation reading: “For outstanding quality in deliveries, and for meeting and exceeding NOTE’s demands in delivery on time and for best-in-class service,” TTI Electronics was awarded Supplier of the Year in the standard components category. TTI’s President Lars Dahlström received the award for the third time in four years.

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