New logistics collaboration to cut transport time from Finland to China by 60 days

Nurminen Logistics signed a letter of intent on 8 August 2014 with UTLC, a joint venture of the Russian, Kazakhstan and Belarussian state railways, for cooperation on the route to China.

The new, fast rail connection will run from Finland to Central China via Kazakhstan. It will shorten the transport time from Finland to China from 80 to 20 days, since container transport can be transferred from ships to railways. In addition to close cooperation with UTLC, Nurminen Logistics will open an office in Moscow on 1 September, contributing to the high-quality implementation of the new service. The first deliveries are scheduled to begin in the last quarter of 2014.

- The status of the project is high in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, which ensures the smooth functioning of the route. In these countries, operation by UTLC has been prioritised in rail transport. The route is primarily intended for transit traffic through Russia. We believe that a fast, regular rail connection to China will be of particular interest to European forest and mechanical engineering industry companies, and to operators importing seasonal goods from China to Europe, says Olli Pohjanvirta, President and CEO of Nurminen Logistics.

For more information, please contact Olli Pohjanvirta, President and CEO, Nurminen Logistics Plc, tel. +358 10 545 2431.


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