Three adult mammoths travel through Helsinki, carried by Nurminen Logistics

Nurminen will bring the stars of the new Muutosta ilmassa (“Climate change”) exhibition, opening at the Finnish Museum of Natural History at the end of 2015, to Helsinki city centre on Tuesday morning, 19 August.

Three mammoth reconstructions, that is to say realistic animal models, are being transferred to the museum. The creation of the two male and one female mammoths was based on the latest scientific knowledge. The mammoths have a wooden frame covered with reinforcement mesh.

The mammoths are packed in transport racks during transport. The mammoths will enter the museum on their sides, hoisted through a second floor window.

Nurminen Logistics has extensive experience in transporting museum buildings and other museum pieces. In 2013, Nurminen transported two lizard-tailed giant babies to the Happy End? exhibition at the Helsinki Art Museum and in November 2012, the company carried the Shy Black, a work by Finnish sculptor Miina Äkkijyrkkä, from Finland to England.


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Nurminen Logistics is a listed company established in 1886 that offers logistics services. The company provides high-quality forwarding, cargo handling and value added services as well as railway transports and related to it project transport services to its customers. The main market areas of Nurminen Logistics are Finland, Russia and its neighbouring countries.