NYFORS presents mid-span high precision optical fiber cleaver for diameters of 80-600 µm

At this year’s Photonics West exhibition NYFORS introduces a new, updated high precision optical fiber cleaver that accommodates fiber diameters from 80 µm up to more than 600 µm. The new AutoCleaver LDF-M™ is specifically designed to provide fast and reliable high quality cleaving capability for the mid-span to large diameter fibers commonly used in fiber laser manufacturing and other specialty fiber applications. The new AutoCleaver LDF-M™ produces exceptional low cleaving angles – typical below 0.3 degrees.

Based on the well-known AutoCleaver™ platform, this is a fully automated optical fiber cleaver for production and laboratory settings with a cycle time of less than 15 seconds. Flat and smooth fiber end faces, free of surface defects such as hackles, mist and chips, and with very low cleave angles are produced with high consistency thanks to the stable mechanical design and proven tension-and-scribe cleaving process.

This in combination with the user friendly and operator skill independent cleaving process makes the AutoCleaver LDF-M™ an ideal choice for specialty fiber applications where speed, cleave quality and high production yield are required. It features a long lasting diamond blade and accepts fiber holders from the major splicer manufacturers.

Nyfors Teknologi AB develops fiber preparation equipment for high strength and specialty fusion splicing applications. Specializing in advanced solutions for fiber pre- and postprocessing, the product range includes: precision fiber cleavers and cleave check interferometers, fiber optical recoaters and tensile testers, and custom manufacturing solutions for e.g. fiber optic gyroscope production.

Behind our products you find unique and original expertise accumulated during more than twenty years of research and development for the fusion splicing industry.