New Nynas range of naphthenic oils minimises reformulation need

The ongoing rationalization of Group I production across Europe has caused concern about shortages and the expensive need to reformulate products. Nynas decided early on to view the changing refinery landscape as a call to action and can now offer a new range of 12 oils that mimic key characteristics of the outgoing oils.

”Nynas decided to target all industrial applications in which Group I oils are traditionally used, but with special attention to applications where solvency is important and where it could be challenging to convert to Group II base oils,” says Valentina Serra-Holm, Marketing Director Nynas.

Fears of Group I closures predate the recession, but it was once the European economic climate had started to improve that Group I production rationalization started becoming a reality in Western Europe, with 2015 seen as the year of transition.

”The transition creates opportunities,” points out Simon Day, Vice President Nynas Naphthenics. ”During 2015, it is likely that over 1.5 million tonnes of Group I capacity will disappear from Western Europe, which is one quarter of the region’s capacity.”

”One of our customers referred to our launch as the ’perfect strategic move at this point in time’,” notes Serra-Holm of the initial feedback on the new portfolio of products, which consists of the base oils Nybase 70/100/150/300/500/600 and the process oils Nyflex 3014/3022/3030/3060/3100/3120.

”Already, our customers are extremely satisfied with the similiarities between our new products and the Group I oils they once used,” Serra-Holm says. ”This saves them a lot of time and money on reformulation, which is of particular importance to small and medium-sized business.”

While the impending shortages will be most acutely felt in North Western Europe, Nynas customers in other locations are also eyeing Group I replacements.

”There is a certain degree of preoccupation with finding alternatives, because the Group I customers understand that nobody is safe,” says Serra-Holm. ”Even in the countries where there are no closures announced, customers are already experiencing a shortage of heavier grades – from 100 centistokes (cSt) and up – and they are testing replacements from the heavy side of the Nynas product portfolio.”

Initial response to the new product range has been overwhelmingly positive.

”The new Nynas oils have better low temperature properties compared to Group I, which means the customer needs to add much less pour point depressant in order to reach the product specifications – so that entails a saving,” Serra-Holm offers as an example. ”The customers also mention the excellent response to oxidation inhibitors that prolongs the lifetime of for example an industrial lubricant.”

Nynas has been keen to underscore that a simple swap from Group I to Group II-based oils requires extensive reformulation efforts, and that Nynas’ researchers will continue to provide data to demonstrate the excellent performance of the new oils in several applications.

”Our technical team will continue to dedicate a lot of time and resources to test the oils in their final applications, in order to supply our customers with additional data about how the oils behave,” says Simon Day.” With our experience of customised solutions we are not just a supplier but, first and foremost, a partner to customers ready to improve their product formulations.”

Applications include:

Plasticizers for rubber and tire industry, Mould release agent, Drilling muds mineral oil based, Additives for Lubricant industry, Carrier oil for Anti-foam additives, Metalworking Fluids (Neat and soluble oil), Greases and lubricants for heavy industry, Leather industry, Printing inks, Anti-caking solutions for NPK type fertilizers, Spray oils for Agriculture protections, Explosives: ANFO, Heavy ANFO, Emulsions and Watergel, Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), Thermoplastic Olefins (TPO), Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV), Anti-dust, Surface treatment and protective coatings.

Gaia Franzolin, Market Manager LUB at Nynas AB, 44-746 985 80 36,
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