In view of the need to increase production capacity, one of Obducat’s US customers has placed an order for an additional industrial NIL machine (Nano Imprint Lithography). Using the NIL technology provided by Obducat, the customer produces optical components forming part of a consumer electronics product supplied by Samsung, which will be introduced on the market in May 2006. This is a breakthrough for Obducat’s NIL technology at mass production. The new order entitles the customer to exercise the option to upgrade the purchased equipment to a fully automated industrial NIL machine. Delivery will be effectuated in May.

When the first industrial NIL machine was purchased for pilot production, the customer aimed to commence NIL based mass production within two years. This has now come about earlier than previously planned. Obducat expects to have a fully automated industrial NIL machine ready for delivery at the end of the year at which time the customer expects to further increase its production capacity as a first step of a larger anticipated expansion plan.

At present a non-disclosure agreement at the request of the customer prevents Obducat from disclosing further details of the business transaction.

– We are very pleased that Obducat’s NIL technology is now being used for mass production of components that will shortly be found in consumer products on the market, say´s Patrik Lundström, CEO. It is enormously positive that the customer has needed to bring plans forward compared with our expectations and we do not rule out that this breakthrough could have a positive effect on other ongoing industrial customer relations. Presently Obducat has a number of ongoing customer relations with the potential of resulting in further orders for NIL technology for industrial mass production of various components.

The Company’s chairman of the board, Henri Bergstrand, comments:

– We have now seen a breakthrough for Obducat. I wish to commend the management team and the staff for the hard work that lies behind this breakthrough. At the same time I would like to thank our shareholders for their active interest and long-term ownership perspective in the company.

For further information, please contact:

Patrik Lundström, CEO,+ 46 40 – 36 21 00 or + 46 703 – 27 37 38

Henri Bergstrand, Chairman of the Board, + 46 40-36 21 00 or + 46 708 - 88 72 45

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