About Us

ABOUT ODD MOLLYOdd Molly is a Swedish company that designs, markets and sells distinctive fashion. The company's products are mainly sold through agents to retailers in around thirty countries around the world, which facilitates expansionwith limited capital requirements. Odd Molly is responsible for selling to external retailers in the Scandinavian market and also manages 15 of its own physical stores and its own web shop. The Odd Molly share is traded as of June 21, 2010 on Nasdaq Stockholm. OUR STRATEGYOdd Molly will profitably grow by continuing to create attractive collections, leveraging its geographical platform and developing new and existing sales channels. The corporate culture is rooted in quality, responsibility andengagement. Odd Molly’s strategic work can be summarized as follows: Collection - Odd Molly will design beautiful clothing and related Lifestyle products for girls. The collections will be distinguished by color, patterns and workmanship, with a balance between volume and price within a distinctive design concept. Channels - Odd Molly will expand its retail presence by continuing to carefully choose retailers. Odd Molly will to a greater degree also manage and develop its own retail operations in multiple channels. Markets - Odd Molly will continue to strengthen its brand long term and drive sales with an emphasis on markets where it has the best opportunities to build a strong long-term position. Odd Molly will increase Control in strategic markets, while continuously evaluating opportunities to expand to new markets. People - Odd Molly’s organization will maintain the highest quality, drive and engagement and be adapted to the company’s long-term needs and growth. Consideration for Odd Molly’s stakeholders cuts across the entire company.