Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

(Hareid – 8 September 2009): An extraordinary general meeting of ODIM ASA will be held at the company`s head office in Hjørungavåg, N-6069 Hareid, at 12 pm on Friday 2 October 2009.

The agenda comprises: 1. Opening of the meeting, hereunder registration of attending shareholders 2. Appointment of chairman of the meeting and one person to co-sign the minutes 3. Approval of the notice to the meeting and the agenda 4. Election to the Board of Directors 5. Election of members to the Nomination Committee and the Committee chairman. Complete Notice of extraordinary meeting is attached hereto.

About Us

ODIM is an international technology group that develops and sells automated handling solutions. These primarily consist of cablehandling systems and winches for use on offshore and naval vessels. The group is expanding strongly and has a leading position today in selected market niches such as seismic, subsea and offshore supply.

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