Options allocated to new employees in the ODIM group

(Hareid, 23 September 2009) As mandated by the general meeting of 4 December 2007, the board of ODIM ASA allocated options on 22 September to all personnel employed in the group from the previous allocation of shares in April 2009 until 14 September 2009.

These options give their holders the right to purchase shares for NOK 32 each, which is the closing price on the Oslo Stock Exchange at the award date. A total of 2 365 280 options have so far been allocated under the ongoing option programme, equivalent to 5.02 per cent of the share capital at September 2009.

About Us

ODIM is an international technology group that develops and sells automated handling solutions. These primarily consist of cablehandling systems and winches for use on offshore and naval vessels. The group is expanding strongly and has a leading position today in selected market niches such as seismic, subsea and offshore supply.