New date for publicing Q4-2017 report

OmniCar Holding AB hereby announces that the company's interim report for the period 2017-10-01 - 2017-12-31 will be postponed. Previously announced date of publication was the 15th of February 2018, the new date will be the 28th of February 2018.

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Claus T. Hansen, CEO 

Telephone: +44 7517 087709 

Om OmniCar Holding AB 
OmniCar Holding AB (559113-3987) OmniCar is a 100% ‘plug-and-play’ online solution. No more time-consuming management and manual invoicing. OmniCar allows you to manage your service agreements digitally with a layout that is fully customised to meet your business’s individual requirements and specifications. You save time and administrative resources thanks to the automated system management of all processes.  


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