Record year for OMX Nordic Exchange

2006 was a record year for OMX Nordic Exchange in terms of trading. All time high figures were reached in average daily turnover, number of trades per day and number of derivatives contracts per day.

- Average daily share turnover amounted to EUR 4,198 (3,055) million.
- The turnover rate was 132 (117) percent.
- The average daily derivative trading turnover amounted to 553,793 (475,885) contracts.
- The number of listed companies amounted to 791 (741).
- The number of new companies on the main market and First North amounted to 103 (41).
- The number of members amounted to 159 (166).

Highlights 2006
• The total share trading on OMX Nordic Exchange in 2006 amounted to EUR 1,054 billion, corresponding to an average daily turnover of EUR 4,198 million, thus making 2006 the best year ever in terms of trading (2000: EUR 3,279 million per day).
• The number of trades per day for OMX Nordic Exchange also reached an all time high, with 124,484 trades per day during 2006 (2005: 84,667 trades per day).
• The derivatives trading on OMX Nordic Exchange in 2006 amounted to 553,793 contracts per day, which is the best year ever (2005: 475,885 contracts per day).

Reported figures concern 2006, comparable figures pertain to 2005, unless otherwise stated.

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