Last day of trading in BTA

In May 2016 Oncology Venture Sweden AB ("Oncology Venture") completed a rights issue of shares into which the public also were given the opportunity to subscribe. Through the rights issue 2,066,624 shares were issued. Last day of trading in BTAs (paid subscription share) is June 21st, 2016 and stop day is June 23rd, 2016.

2,066,624 shares will be registered at Bolagsverket and is estimated to be distributed to each VP account/depot on June 28th, 2016. After the new rights issue registration the total number of shares in Oncology Venture will increase to 9,299,810 shares. The share capital after the registration will be SEK 1 301 973,40.

Financial Advisor

Sedermera Fondkommission has acted as Oncology Ventures financial advisor in relation to the new rights issue.

For questions related to the new issue:

Sedermera Fondkommission

Telephone: 0431-47 17 00


For further Information about Oncology Venture:

Ulla Hald Buhl, COO, IR & Communication                                            Peter Buhl Jensen, CEO

Telephone +45 21 70 10 49                                                                     Telephone: +45 21 60 89 22

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About Oncology Venture Sweden AB

Oncology Venture Sweden AB is engaged in the research and development of anti-cancer drugs via its wholly owned Danish subsidiary Oncology Venture ApS. Oncology Venture has a license to use Drug Response Prediction – DRP™ – in order to significantly increase the probability of success in clinical trials. DRP™ has proven its ability to provide a statistically significant prediction of clinical outcomes from drug treatment in cancer patients in 29 of the 37 clinical studies that were examined. The Company uses a model that alters the odds in comparison with traditional pharmaceutical development. Instead of treating all patients with a particular type of cancer, patients are screened first and only those who are most likely to respond to the treatment will be treated. Via a more well defined patient group, the risk and costs are reduced while the development process becomes more efficient.

The current product portfolio: LiPlaCis™, for Breast Cancer, Irofulven, developed from a fungus, for Prostate Cancer, and APO010, an immuno-oncology product for Multiple Myeloma.


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