Times Square to Flash Operation Lifesaver Safety Message From Thanksgiving through New Year’s

NEW YORK, NY, November 23, 2010 – Operation Lifesaver’s safety message for drivers will be seen in Times Square on the CBS “Super Screen” throughout the entire holiday season—beginning with the Macy’s Day Parade on Thursday.  

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Operation Lifesaver’s Distracted Driver Public Service Announcement (PSA) will play 18 times a day on the 520 square-foot screen, issuing a warning to revelers through the story of the texting teen driver and her friend, who ignored the flashing lights at the railroad crossing … and paid the price. (View the PSA at http://bit.ly/fqpsEl)

“The youthful demographics of Time Square during the holiday season and the ability to reach this critical audience with our safety message make this a tremendous opportunity,” noted Operation Lifesaver President Helen Sramek.

New York City’s population swells during this period, giving millions of people a chance to glimpse OL’s PSA and to heed its warning to “Stay Focused. Stay Alive!” The opportunity to showcase a rail safety message at Times Square was made possible at the last minute when CBS Outdoor needed to find a non-profit group with a suitable video message.  Fortunately OL had an award-winning spot ready to go.

To learn more about Operation Lifesaver, visit our redesigned website (www.oli.org).

About Operation Lifesaver

Operation Lifesaver, Inc. is a national, non-profit safety education group whose goal is to eliminate deaths and injuries at railroad crossings and along railroad rights of way.  Operation Lifesaver has programs in all 50 states, with trained and certified presenters who provide free safety talks to community groups, school bus drivers, professional truck drivers and student drivers to raise awareness around railroad tracks and trains.  

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About Us

Operation Lifesaver, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing free public education programs to prevent collisions, injuries and fatalities on and around railroad tracks and highway-rail grade crossings. http://www.oli.org/