Celebrate Whisky Sours Day with The ONE Cocktail

This Whisky Sours Day (25 August), why not try the Strawberry Sour ONE cocktail from The Lakes Distillery

Whisky Sours Day comes but once a year, and this year we've created a cocktails especially for the event - the Strawberry Sour ONE. 

The ONE, produced exclusively by The Lakes Distillery, is the first ever blend to combine whiskies from each of the countries which make up the British isles. The very best whisky from each country has been carefully blended with great care and passion to create a perfectly balanced whisky. We have English, Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh whiskies, but never before has there been a British whisky.

We describe our beautiful blend as ‘complex’, slightly smoky, sweet and fruity and nutty with hints of spice. There are many ways to enjoy The ONE and while we love it neat, we thought we’d share some cocktail inspiration.

The Strawberry Sour ONE


37.5ml (1.5 measures) The ONE whisky

100 ml Strawberry puree (made from blended strawberries and a touch of sugar)

1/2 measure sugar syrup (Gomme Syrup)

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

A large scoop of cubed ice


Start with a tall mixing glass and fill half way with ice. Add the whisky followed by all other ingredients. Top up the glass with ice and shake using a cocktail shaker until condensation forms on the outside of your shaker/glass. Separate the cocktail glass from the shaker and fill a drinking glass with crushed ice. Strain the cocktail over the crushed ice – it should be a pink colour.

-       ENDS –

The ONE is the first blend of whiskies from around the British Isles ever to be created. Produced by The Lakes Distillery, the team has brought together a range of very special whiskies which have been blended with great care and passion to create a perfectly balanced whisky. 

Available to purchase at Harvey Nichols, specialist whisky distributors or online at www.Lakesdistillery.com


The ONE 70cl bottle - £29.95 +delivery

The ONE 5cl miniature - £3.95 +delivery

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The Lakes Distillery

Close to Bassenthwaite Lake, in an area of unimaginable beauty encircled by Cumbrian fells, is the perfect home for the first-ever Lakes Distillery.

The experienced team behind the Lakes Distillery, which includes managing director Paul Currie who co founded the Arran Distillery, Master Distiller Chris Anderson with over 30 years’ experience and Alan Rutherford a former Production Director of Diageo, are renovating the historic buildings of an old Victorian Model Farm next to the famous river Derwent and close to Bassenthwaite Lake, with the aim to produce a new world-class single malt whisky.

The water from the famous River Derwent, with its source high up in the fells, a team steeped in whisky experience, and perfect conditions for distilling are set to create a very special malt.

The Lakes Distillery will open to the public in late 2014. The Lakes single malt will begin production this summer, and its blended whisky from the British Isles, called The ONE, is available to buy now.

The ONE Whisky

The ONE is the first British blended whisky ever to be produced.  As opposed to blends made only of scotch whiskies, The ONE has been carefully created from whiskies from around the British Isles, leading to a very unique whisky. This is very much an artisan blend - the team in Cumbria has enormous experience in making the very finest whiskies, and their expertise has put together this outstanding blend, which has a lightly peated character. 

Blended whiskies are made up of grain and malt whiskies, and it is the quantity of malt whisky in the blend that dictates the quality – so the more malt whisky in the blend, the better the quality. The ONE has a very high malt content and its quality is very much in line with single malt whiskies.



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