Optronic contributes to more reliable measurements

Optronic has developed completely new measurement objectives for the renowned multinational company Trimble. The new product is easier to use with increased measurement accuracy and reliability.

”We are very pleased with Optronic’s approach to this project, where they assumed responsibility for both product development and development of the production line”, says Fredrik Gylesjö, Development Manager at Trimble. “We knew from the start that the schedule was tight, but Optronic delivered the project on time and with the right quality. Optronic is a competent partner that complements our own development organization.”

The product is called Trimble AT360, and consists of an omni-directional ring with infrared LED’s, with a slight red glow, flashing in one of eight pre-selected frequencies to distinguish multiple measurement objectives from each other.

The products are used in conjunction with Trimble total station instruments in the S-series to measure the 3D points, and is often used in areas such as land surveying and construction applications. The new Trimble AT360 is the latest implementation of Trimble’s active tracking technology, and gives the user access to even more accurate measurements than before, in addition to being both lighter and easier to use than previous models.

”Trimble and Optronic have a long history of cooperation in both developing and manufacturing a variety of products. It's very exciting and challenging to work with a client who Trimble at the cutting edge in it’s product”, says Göran Edström, Project Manager at Optronic.

Products from Trimble are used in over 150 countries around the world. Trimble has employees in over 35 countries, and a highly skilled network of resellers and distribution partners who serve and support the company's customers. For over 60 years, Trimble has created unique optical positioning products for a range of applications.

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