Optronic Helps Develop New Fundus Camera

Optronic has helped Profundus develop a prototype for a brand new high-resolution eye fundus camera.

”We are very happy with the quality of the prototype that Optronic has constructed, and how well they handled the tight schedule”, says Zoran Popovic, research engineer and chairman of Profundus.

Based on research and development conducted at the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Gothenburg, the company has mainly been financed by visual impairment association De Blindas Vänner in Gothenburg, the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Fund, and Vinnova. Recently, GU, the holding company managed by the University of Gothenburg, also invested in the company.

The camera prototype uses a new method based on adaptive optics, developed as a result of the need for imaging of retinal microstructures. It provides a seven to ten times’ higher resolution than current clinical instruments and does so over a much larger area, compared to current instruments on the market.

The enhanced performance gives opportunities for improved diagnosis and earlier detection of diseases.

Needing a partner to design a robust prototype to evaluate the method's clinical value, the research team chose Optronic because of their expertise in high-tech optics and technical skills.

”The instrument is easy to use and maintains its high optical precision also after transportation thanks to the robust mechanical design implemented by Optonic,” says Zoran Popovic.

The ultimate aim is that the co-operation between Profundus and Optronic will lead to a finished product for commercial use.

”We are in a phase when we are verifying the method's clinical value. At the same time we are using our experiences to further refining the components, design and function. We have a solid foundation for a product with great potential”, concludes Zoran Popovic.

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