Optronic uses Monitor to streamline working methods

Optronic is developing more effective working methods. With the help of resource planning system Monitor, Optronic can make significant efficiency gains. “We are doing the same things as before, and more, but now with less effort”, says Joacim Lindström, Deputy Managing Director of Optronic.

Last year, Optronic started the process of changing systems. “We were in need of switching to a more modern system that was also more suited to our business. We looked at the different options on the market and in the end settled for Monitor ERP. Getting everything into place has been a challenge, but everyone has pulled together to resolve issues in the best possible way. We are very pleased with the six months that Monitor has been up and running”, Lindström explains.

The Monitor project started in September 2014. Since March this year, Optronic has worked with Monitor’s modern system solution and IT platform. “Thanks to Monitor, we’ve been able to get away from our hardware dependence, which has been a limiting factor in our work. Monitor offers well-organised support and is also working continuously to develop the system. As customers, we’re in focus”, says Lindström.

Optronic sees a number of advantages with Monitor. Simplified time reporting, follow-up and production planning are some examples. Monitor also gives better transparency when it comes to information. ”At the same time as introducing Monitor, we started working with our new project system ProjectCompanion, which has been integrated with Monitor. Thanks to this, we now have a better overall picture of all our projects”, Lindström concludes.

About Us

Optronic a leading service provider in the field of optical sensors and optoelectronic technologies. By developing state-of-the-art customized optical sensors, Optronic help companies facilitate development and manufacturing, resulting in competitive advantages for products and applications. With a company history dating back to 1974, Optronic is recognized within the industry for reliability in quality, delivery accuracy and strong customer focus. Optronic is also renowned for their close co-operations with research communities and universities, securing quick access to cutting-edge technologies and developments. http://optronic.se/