The internationally renowned expertise of produced water specialists Opus has led to the firm making its first training video for BP which could be seen by thousands of the oil giant's staff worldwide.

BP approached Opus to make the textbook oil in water analysis film for its in-house training programme. The analysis determines the concentration of oil in produced water and the training procedure focuses on the solvent extraction/IR methods set out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The 10-minute video will be posted on BP’s Environmental Water Sharepoint site and used to provide virtual tutoring to supplement practical training and refresh advisors in assurance roles prior to visiting oil and gas platforms.

The film was shot at the Opus base in Flotta, Orkney by senior projects engineer Mark Seator with senior environmental chemist Dr Mervyn Tait providing the demonstration and voiceover information. Editing was carried out at Opus headquarters in Guildford, Surrey.

Dr Tait said: "BP came to us, recognising that we have a great deal of experience in oil in water analysis. It speaks volumes for our expertise that we were asked to make this video and it may be that in future we can do something similar for other companies."

About Us

Opus, whose motto is ‘results delivered’, has its headquarters in Guildford in Surrey and testing/development facilities in the Orkney island of Flotta. It specialises in treatments for oil separation and produced water which is a by-product of petroleum production. Opus won the Best Oil and Gas Industry Service Supplier Award from the industry organisation Energy North in 2012.



It speaks volumes for our expertise that we were asked to make this video
Dr Mervyn Tait