Interim report Orc Group Holding AB January 1 – June 30, 2013

This interim report refers to Orc Group Holding AB (publ) - (formerly Cidron Delfi Intressenter AB (publ)) - and the Orc Group Holding Group for the period from January 1 to June 30, 2013. At the beginning of 2012, Orc Group Holding AB acquired Orc Group through a public tender offer directed to the shareholders in Orc Group AB (publ). Following the sale of Orc’s former subsidiaries and sub-groups CameronTec and Neonet in October 2012, continuing operations in the Orc Group Holding Group consist solely of operations in Orc. As a result, the comments in this report refer only to developments in Orc, and the tables that are presented on pages 1-6 refer to continuing operations in Orc adjusted for the impact of discontinued operations. The financial year of the Parent Company, and therefore also the Group, is now the calendar year.

Strong finances support investment in new strategy

  • Operating revenue for the period from April to June 2013 reached SEK 109M (130), a decrease of 16%. Adjusted EBITDA was SEK 52M (60) and EBITDA-CAPEX was SEK 22M (33).
  • Operating revenue for the period from January to June 2013 amounted to SEK 221M (264), down by 16%. Adjusted EBITDA amounted to SEK 106M (118) and EBITDA-CAPEX was SEK 52M (61).
  • The revenue was down compared to the corresponding periods last year as a result of declining demand in the total market. Expenses and CAPEX were cut back, which is mainly explained by the renegotiation of third party agreements, other rationalization programs including adaptions to the current market conditions.
  • The set-off issue that was carried out in June 2013 has strengthened the Group´s equity by SEK 209M to 653M and reduced interest bearing liabilities by the same amount. The equity/assets ratio was 31% (13).

CEO Torben Munch comments:
“The market situation in the second quarter remained difficult for Orc and revenue was down compared to the preceding quarter. At the same time, net income (EBITDA-CAPEX) has decreased somewhat as a result of higher development expenses. This is a consequence of our determined efforts to strengthen the organization so that we can successfully realize Orc’s revised business strategy.

Our new strategy features an increased focus on large banks and trading firms, together with expansion of the existing product portfolio with new solutions for customer-driven trading. The strategy has been presented to customers in all regions, and has received very positive feedback. I am also satisfied with development of the various internal projects that are being driven to support the new strategy.

During the period we recruited several new members to the Executive Management and I am convinced that our current management team – where everyone has invested in Orc – is well equipped to meet the opportunities we face.”

About Orc
Orc is a leading provider of technology and services for the global financial industry. Since 1987, Orc delivers trading and market access solutions used by proprietary trading and market making firms, investment banks, hedge funds and brokerage houses worldwide.

Orc develops and provides the tools needed for running profitable trading or brokerage businesses in today’s competitive and ever-changing markets.

With market presence in all major global financial centers, Orc provides sales and support services from its offices across EMEA, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific regions.

Orc is owned by Orc Group Holding AB, which is in turn mainly owned by Nordic Capital Fund VII.

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Contact Information
CEO Torben Munch, phone: +46 8 506 477 35
CFO Tony Falck, phone: +46 8 506 477 24

The information in this interim report is subject to the disclosure requirements of Orc Group Holding AB under the Swedish Securities Exchange and Clearing Operations Act and the Financial instruments Trading Act. The information was released for publication on August 27, 2013, 8:00 a.m. CEST.

N.B. The English text is a translation of the Swedish text. In case of discrepancy between the Swedish and the English text the Swedish version shall prevail.


About Us

Orc is the global market leader in trading technology for listed derivatives. Building on our commitment to long term partnerships and technology innovation that delivers results, Orc serves the trading and electronic execution needs of clients worldwide. Leading trading firms, market makers, banks and brokers depend on Orc to provide robust solutions that deliver concrete value, ensuring that they achieve their business goals in the world's increasingly dynamic and competitive markets. With nearly 200 customer sites in more than 30 countries, access to over 150 trading venues and offices in each of the world's key financial centers, we offer true global capabilities. Combining our technology and financial industry expertise, including a solid understanding of regulatory issues, Orc also provides expert advice and services that help reduce complexity and cost, while enabling clients to stay focused on value creation in their core businesses. Orc is owned by Orc Group Holding AB which in turn is owned mainly by Nordic Capital Fund VII.