Ormiston Wire Superclamps make cable adjustment easy

Ormiston Wire has launched Superclamps, an instantly adjustable, high quality micro cable fitting system for wire suspension in retail and beyond.  Superclamps offer an attractive and easy-to-use method of adjusting the position of cables in any situation where instant cable adjustment is required, such as shelving, track lighting systems, picture hanging or product display.

Superclamps increase the ease and efficiency of positioning cables because they can be adjusted without tools.  By pressing the button on the clamp it can be moved up or down to a new position, where it becomes instantly locked.  To aid convenience still further, Ormiston Wire has made available a wide variety of ceiling fittings and clamp attachments to ensure that the system provides a solution for every possible situation.  Ormiston Wire also stocks a wide range of micro cables and wire ropes in stainless steel to cater for all cable system types.

Ormiston Wire has been manufacturing specialist wire products since 1793. Wire suspension applications form a major part of the business and Ormiston Wire supplies and manufactures specialist wire for a diverse range of uses and installations, particularly in the retail sector.  For further information, visit www.ormiston-wire.co.uk.

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About Us

Ormiston Wire Limited was founded in 1793 by James Ormiston, an enterprising young Scotsman. Six generations later, under the leadership of descendent Mark Ormiston, we are still an independent and family-run business. We began in the City of London, making spring-wire for corsets and wigs. This was in the days before rubber. Today we have manufacturing facilities in Isleworth, west London and Redditch in the Midlands. We pride ourselves in being able to manufacture almost any type of wire for almost any type of application. Our manufacturing processes can accommodate either ferrous or non-ferrous wire or strands, to any size or length. They include facilities for rolling, winding, rewinding, spooling, braiding, bunching, stranding and plastic coating, according to specification. The diversity of end uses for our products ranges from delicate surgical sutures, to special effects applications for the film industry, to polypropylene- covered and Kevlar-cored strands for low-voltage lighting, to the high-specification demands of the nuclear industry.




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