2008-10-09 Breakthrough for Ortivus CoroNet digital wireless monitoring solution in Germany

Ortivus partner in Germany, Medset Medizintechnik AG, has won a strategic CoroNet order. The order is for equipping the Heart and Thoracic surgery clinic in the Heart Center at the University Hospital in Cologne with Ortivus cutting edge cardiac monitoring solution CoroNet. The order covers a larger installation comprising the overall CoroNet functionality.

The specific department is situated in the new Heart Center of “Klinik und Poliklinik für Herz- und Thoraxchirurgie im Herzzentrum der Uniklinik Köln” and is specialized in heart and thoracic surgery and related intensive and rehabilitation care. The system includes both bedside and telemetry installations, but it will be focused on telemetry supporting up to 20 simultaneous telemetry patients.

The CoroNet system provides a hassle free wireless patient monitoring environment completely redefining the concept of Quality of Service. Ortivus proprietary Bluetooth based solution provides wireless and seamless bedside and ambulatory 12-lead full disclosure diagnostic quality monitoring within one combined solution. This enables the patient to move seamlessly between being in bed or freely walking around while still being fully monitored. This flexible solution strongly supports the latest clinical guidelines and recommendations within modern cardiac care.

“We have won this project in very strong competition and hence we are very glad to see that the customer has found the functionality and features provided by the CoroNet system superior to the competing products. This installation will of course be valuable for us as a reference in our continued work on the market”, says Dr. Oliver Enders, head of product management at Medset Medizintechnik AG.

“Winning this deal together with Medset in this highly competitive market manifests CoroNet’s competitiveness also outside of our established home market. We believe that this deal in combination with Medset’s committed efforts will pave the way for further positive results”, says Johan Folkunger, VP Sales and Marketing at Ortivus.

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