In accordance with decision on Ortivus AB (publ) Annual General Meeting 2009 the election committee to Ortivus Annual General Meeting 2010 is announced. Election Committee members: - Laurent Leksell - Peter Edwall - Ragnhild Wiborg, Consepio - Jonas Fredriksson, Neqst - Jon Risfelt, Board Chairman, convenor Shareholders wishing to submit proposals on issues to the AGM may address the Board Chairman Jon Risfelt, on telephone 0734-34 33 32, or any other member of the election committee. For further information: Jon Risfelt, Board Chairman, Ortivus, mobile +46 734 34 33 32

About Us

Ortivus is a leading supplier of mobile solutions for modern emergency medical care. With nearly 30 years’ experience of cardiology and of developing mobile monitoring and communication solutions, we can offer our customers reliable, patient-friendly and cost-effective decision support systems that save lives and reduce suffering. Ortivus is a listed company on NASDAQ OMX and was founded in 1985. It is based in Danderyd, Sweden. Ortivus has 26 employees in Sweden and Great Britain. More than 1 300 ambulances and 500 hospital beds are equipped with Ortivus solutions.


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