Norway next stop for successful monitoring system

Ortivus’ Norwegian partner Locus has signed a contract to market CoroNet in Norway. Locus is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of systems for dispatch centers and ambulance organizations.

Locus has in the last year conducted a successful launch of MobiMed, Ortivus’ decision-making support system for ambulances. In one of Norway’s five healthcare regions, Helse Midt RHF, approximately 100 ambulances and boats have recently been equipped with MobiMed. ”The experience gained from working with MobiMed has provided us with a sound knowledge of emergency care processes. Offering a flexible monitoring system for hospitals and medical transports is a logical next step as the products are connected”, says Erik Hovland, Vice President Public Safety at Locus.

CoroNet is a patient monitoring system developed for cardiology departments and for transportation of cardiology patients. Launched in 2005, the system has quickly reached a market leading position: The University Hospital of Karolinska in Stockholm, The University Hospital of Sahlgrenska in Gothenburg and The University Hospital in Uppsala are examples of prestigious hospitals that have selected Ortivus’ system for their cardiology departments.

“Launching CoroNet in Norway will strengthen Ortivus’ position on the Nordic market. Locus fulfils the high demands we have on our partners and has already proved that they have the power and knowledge to pave the way for a positive development in the Nordics”, says Rain Eriksoo, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Ortivus.

For more information:
Rain Eriksoo, telephone: +46 8-446 45 11, mobile: +46 70-583 34 43
Erik Hovland, telephone: +47 33 484 217, mobile: +47 900 39 106

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